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Sheila Preston Fitzgerald is a Living Miracle!
Her inspiring true story will fill you with incredible hope... no matter the storm!
About Sheila

Sheila Preston Fitzgerald, author of One Foot in Heaven, is alive today only by the Grace of God. A near-death motorcycle accident that should have taken her life, instead, filled this Godly woman with a passion larger than life itself.

    Dubbed “Sweet & Sassy,” Sheila’s love of people, love of life, and most importantly her love for God radiates the Light of Life.

    As a highly sought after professional manicurist by day, Sheila finds great joy in helping others not only look beautiful but feel beautiful too.

    Publicly, Sheila shares her incredible passion for life through various speaking engagements. While women’s ministries tend to be most common, she is quick to note that she shares her miraculous true story wherever she’s called to encourage, inspire and give hope. Her vast real-life experiences are revealed through subjects too numerous to mention. Sheila has greatly impacted lives from a wide range of audiences — civic groups, non-profit organizations, schools - including a juvenile detention center, and church communities.

    Sheila’s service and commitment to others has presented her with some very prestigious awards from the Tennessee Chiropractic Association and the American Red Cross, and the coveted Paul Harris Fellow Award from the local Rotary Club - an award that is rarely given to non-members.

    Sheila’s heart smiles when she’s able to spend time building-up others, having intentional quiet time with God in prayer and meditation, and lovingly serving her church family as a part of the prayer ministry team.

    Sheila admits she has a love affair with all things pen and paper — from devout journaling, working on a second book, to sending hand- written notes of encouragement via snail-mail she is grateful for the gift of written words.

    When there’s not a pen in her hand, Sheila cherishes her time with quality friends and family, relaxing with a good book that renews her soul, sharing her God-given gift of hospitably by hosting guests in her home, and of course loads of snuggles with her little dog Daisy.

    Sheila lives south of Nashville, TN where she loves life and finds great joy in serving others.


One Foot In Heaven

One Foot in Heaven is the inspiring true story of Sheila Preston Fitzgerald’s miraculous encounter with God during the most difficult of journey.
A tragic near-death accident turns triumphant and even joy-filled as the God of Grace pours His lavish love on Sheila Preston Fitzgerald, a
Southern belle who brings her tenacious, can-do spirit to the fight for her life.
While several years of tremendous pain, multiple surgeries, daily physical therapy, and the ever-present risk for serious setbacks take a toll
on all aspects of Sheila’s life, her grit to go on, her passion for life, and the above-and-beyond love of her “village” of friends encourage
everyone she encounters.

Join Sheila as she recounts her heartfelt—at times horrific, at times hilarious— journey, from one night that changed everything to her
spiritual healing with the Savior, passing along incredible hope as she walks with One Foot in Heaven.

Supernatural Rescue. Severe Suffering.
Mind-blowing Resilience. Endless Inspiration


— Larry
Adamson, Author of Just Some Thoughts

“Sheila’s unbelievable journey of struggle and perseverance is incredible...”

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Sheila Preston Fitzgerald, author of the miraculous true story One Foot in Heaven, shares her incredible journey with others through various speaking events.


Whether she’s encouraging an intimate group or an arena full, Sheila has an uncanny gift of engaging her audience. She’ll have you laughing out loud and probably shedding a tear or two as she tells of her miraculous encounter with Jesus. Her talent of sharing her story with grace and humor is a blessing to all who hear it. You will walk away with a deeper faith and a greater hope to face the challenges of this life.
Sheila’s story brings hope to EVERYONE…no matter the storm!


Sheila also shares her story with young people
through her Public Education Program. Sheila, along with Theodora - her amputee teddy bear, teach students about the importance of physical differences. Kids LOVE Miss Sheila!

“Sheila's attitude, stemming from her incredible faith, cannot help but inspire everyone who encounters her. Sheila’s misfortunes could have taken her joy and livelihood, but instead she let God take hold of her story and transform it into a powerful testimony. Now she encourages others to follow her incredible example.”

Ginny Priz
Co-Host of Bloom Today TV Show and
Author of Ditch the Drama


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What People Are Saying

“Incredible story…incredible lady…a must-read!”


Author of The American Dream in Tennessee


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